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by Josh, The Idiotic

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I’m not really human I’m assuming, and I’m judging
Never budging
I got friends like Randy Newman with a budget
Mustn't be lover I’m a hater masturbating little skater
who can never fucking come to a conclusion
I feel useless, and I feel stupid
half the time I take it out on people
who don’t do shit
Pipe dream chasing, by pacing and facing the fact that I’m evil, so I live backwards I’m satan

(What the fuck is wrong with you?)

Since I was young
I’ve been thinking too much
now I’m 17 and it hasn’t stopped once
and everybody says it’s because I am a dunce
but I’m not, I mean kinda, I don’t really wanna front
I’m just fucked, I can’t conduct, myself, I need help, I suck, like bitches that I love, cause they let me bust I aint happy but at least I was for once.

Give me some help, to kill the nearest therapist
apparent I am nothing but an arrogant terrorist
Got a fucking problem dude?
you can kiss this ass of mine
you asinine, parasite, running like a felon type
running like a Mexican over the border verified
Here, let me be so brutal and I’ll specify
Here, let me take this little pad and a pen of mine
Write down my brain and start a whole fucking genocide

I’m just sad I don’t mean to be mean
I’m not bad, just a little obscene
but what does that mean, to a guy like me
I’m high and I’m low, and I’m in-between
Also my brain is filled with shit
Swinging at songs but I’ll never make a hit
Thinking up shit, but i think it’s sick
So I think of something that’s a little like this
Try to stay happy but impossible to shift
Clowning around but I’m never It
King, of stealing, Stevens readings
Inglorious Bastard falling in a Brad Pitt
Bitch I’m a misfit
check your fucking privilege
I’m a schizophrenic, I’m twisted and sadistic
Sicker than the sickest, I’m sadder than a slit wrist
so listen just a minute if you think I’m not artistic
yes that’s the ticket, while your on your 5th hit
I’m snorting coke off a fucking basket from a picnic
pills that need refilling, and a couple dollar bills and
it’s not exaggerating when I’m saying that I’m killing


Can’t think and I can’t sleep
and I can’t be and I did drink
This Just in, like Nsync
That’s 7th time like this week
Smoking, looking, overbooking
Drinking, thinking, overlooking
Took it, toking, choking, took in
Joking, I am Sober shooken
I did nothing, I misguided
I been thinking undivided
Why? Society is blinded

I’ve done nothing, but provided
Life’s got me thinking, Who Decided?


released May 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Josh, The Idiotic Ohio

Aspiring Rapper, Actor, Comedian, and other stuff. I rap and people like it. So I made this account. I love you all. Peace and Love to the world my dudes.

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